Stacy Lattisaw was not yet even a teenager when she recorded her first album. Although she already had been singing since the age of six yrs old she was well on her way toward developing a vocal style of her own.


She was born and raised in Washington D.C. At the age of eleven, she sang before an estimated crowd of 30,000 people at Fort DuPont Park in South East D.C where she was the opening act for Ramsey Lewis. It wasn’t long before Henry Allen, President of Cotillion Records, heard of this young sensation and signed her up posthaste. Stacy continued to on to complete a total of 12 albums during her R&B singing career.


At the age of thirteen Stacy toured with the Jackson’s in 1981. She was the opening act on a thirteen-week tour. She also traveled to several foreign countries, some which included Germany, South Africa, Jamaica, London, Bermuda, Japan, and the Bahamas where she performed with some of the biggest names in the recording industry.


As Stacy began to mature in age and mind, her desires began to change. She always felt an emptiness inside that she could not quite understand. After suffering with bouts of depression Stacy began to seek God. Then one day she dropped to the floor and said to GOD “I have heard about you”, ” I need to know that you are real” and she experienced a presence that she had never felt before. Behold, the emptiness inside had been filled. She is fully committed to serving the Lord Jesus Christ.


She now ministers in word and song. And she often says that everything she’s been through has made her who she is today. Her husband Kevin and her own and operate two businesses in Md. God has given Stacy a ministry for women- Women Walking With Authority. She also has a Youth Empowerment program where she goes out to schools encouraging our youth (the next generation) the importance of integrity and Becoming leaders, not followers. Stacy say’s she’s a well-kept woman, kept by the grace of God!


And her mission is to share her testimony about the keeping power of GOD!